Bringing Fire will structure work on your projects with the following methodology:

Domain exploration

To begin a project, Bringing Fire explores your business’ domain to gain an intimate understanding of the existing players and forces at work in the marketplace. At this stage, we establish a glossary of domain-specific vocabulary as an artifact of our understanding.

Customer Identification

We’ll identify your customers, establishing segments and their typifying characteristics. We’ll name them so we can use them as shorthand in strategic conversation.


It’s not magic at all. It comes from synthesizing and understanding your domain, customers, and goals.

Metrics and Analytics

How are you to measure success? With numbers, of course. We’ll dig into what metrics you currently have, and what you need to start collecting.


Strategic vision may reach the horizon, but execution proceeds in steps. We will lay out concrete, manageable plans, execute them, measure the results, and feed those results back into your strategic planning. Rinse and repeat.