Bringing Fire is Avery Prometheus Rosen’s professional practice. As a 20 year veteran of software development, team leadership, and internet infrastructure, he offers expertise at the intersection of Technology, Product Formulation, and Business Strategy.


Solutions are built with technology. A strong understanding of the capabilities and limits of technology allows insight into how requirements best translate to implementation.

Product Formulation

To succeed, products must fulfill a function, as well as differentiate themselves from other, similar products, but to really excel, they must also delight their users.

Business Strategy

A great product with a great implementation is still lost without a strategy for bringing it to market. Successful strategies incorporate an understanding of existing marketplaces, as well as how the emergence of new needs and technologies will transform them and create new ones.

The Intersection

These three facets all interact with each other. By considering all three together, you can make better choices:

  • While your competitors stagnate, executing strategies based on outdated models, your vision of upcoming capabilities allow you to leapfrog entire industries.
  • Although new technologies may enable features, you don’t waste time implementing what the market will not adopt.
  • The growth model you target informs product iteration phases so you can capture the most market share possible at each capital phase.

Your business improves the lives of your customers, and Bringing Fire’s mission is to help.