MongoDB and Wee Data: My talk at the NYC MongoDB Meetup

This Tuesday, 10-22-2013, I’ll be giving a talk to the New York MongoDB meetup, hosted at’s NYC headquarters.

The talk is entitled “Mongo and Wee Data”, a bit of a riff on the Big Data thing. It’s based on my work using MongoDB as a pipeline phase in an ETL process I used to get product data from Excel spreadsheets to the Magento backend on the Penrose Judaica project.

My thesis is this: Big Data is big news right now. But 95% of software projects that require persistent data layers will never be big data, and 50% of the projects that will wind up as big data start out as small data.

So I think it’s worth pointing out that MongoDB is a fantastic technology to use for all these other projects as well. How MongoDB is thoroughly suited to all these projects (for example, as a persistence and aggregation layer in an ETL pipeline) is the topic of the talk.

I’ll also show off how I used that project as a playground for taking Behavior Driven Development, in the form of cucumber and rspec for a bit of a spin.

After the talk I’ll post some slides and more details, I’m still polishing it.

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