FitBit is a Customer Service All-star

I use a FitBit for activity and sleep tracking. There is much that is interesting to say about the entire wearables and quantified self domain, but right now I want to call out how amazing they are at a crucial component of offering a hardware/mobile/website health tracking service, namely customer service.

Two weeks ago I lost my FitBit Flex tracker. I haven’t had a problem with it coming off, but that particular night was a bachelor party, so all best were, ahem, off. Today I got this email:

From: Fitbit Support
Subject: Found fitbit

Hi Avery,

Good news! A good samaritan recently reunited us with a Fitbit tracker
they found. We did some research and believe that it’s paired to your account. We’re writing to see if it might be yours.

If you’ve recently lost your Fitbit tracker, please let us know the
best address to mail it to, and we’ll ship it out ASAP.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Suzy and the Fitbit Team

The emotion I got upon getting that email? Delight. Which that is exactly what you want your customers to experience every time they have to interact with you, if at all possible.

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